Harmony Within Wellness Center

Harmony Within Wellness Center is a holistic and organic wellness spa offering a wide range of services designed to relax, rejuvenate and renew your body and mind. A place to unwind and rebalance.  We take a holistic approach to ensure you will be cared for in all areas of mind, body and soul. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and thank you for allowing us to be a part of your healing journey.

Simply Swedish

This classic technique revitalizes the soul and soothes the senses with this gentle, rhythmic massage. Enjoy blissful relaxation with light to medium touch techniques to help ease muscle tension, increase circulation and facilitate detoxification.  Swedish massage induces your overall well-being.  This traditional European technique involves the use of an organic aromatherapy oil and concludes with a paraffin treatment to re-hydrate, and renew stiff feet.

Muscle Mend

This massage uses a deeper therapeutic method to release chronic patterns of tension in the body.  Our organic signature essential oil blend will help ease achy joints and tightness in muscles while reducing pain and stiffness. This firm massage is not recommended for first time spa visitors or women who are pregnant.

Aromatic Hot Stone

Escape with the tradition of healing stones along with our organic signature aromatherapy.  Heated Basalt stones are utilized in combination with Swedish technique and carefully placed along the meridians to relax and rejuvenate the body’s mind and spirit into perfect balance.

Reflexology Massage

This healing massage stimulates energy pathways using pressure points on your feet that correspond with other parts of the body and its organs.  This massage promotes relaxation and is followed by a luxurious scrub ending with a soothing and relaxing foot re-hydrating lotion to stimulate your senses.

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Harmony Within Wellness Center
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Located Inside Sweet Water Studio

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